GIPI Covid-19

  • Social Computing: Public Health: Covid-19 Crisis:

    a. Persuasion System for Mask Wearing: In order to persuade the public.

  • Provide a story, narrative or description about the chosen Application: In order to persuade the public to wear masks, this application will use psychological persuasion and visual persuasion techniques. This application will use reward system plus videos that portray the importance of wearing a mask to protect oneself and others. By rewarding the public for wearing a mask sounds expensive, but the loss of closing businesses is way greater than rewarding people for wearing a mask. In fact, the relief bill could be used to reward the users of this application. This application will be available in all mobile devices that is connected to the internet because without the internet there is no way to communicate with the server. The application will be easy to understand and navigate by all users. First the user must sign up and verify themselves, then update their profile with a latest photo and provide a payment method. Each user will have a unique QR code which they can use to scan at a scan station. The scan station will take a picture of that user and send it to the server for verification. If the verification is successful, they will receive a notification on their app. And the user will be awarded. The user can only claim once every 24 hours.

  • Digital ER Model

  • Relational Model

    1. XML

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



      <Address>123 Main street</Address>


      <Email></Email >


















    2. JSON

    Database[“user_id] = { “User_information” = {

    “FirstName”: “Jack” ,

    “LastName”: “Smith” , “UserId”: 24242,

    “Age”: 25,

    “Address”: “123 Main street” , “Phone”: 3336664444 ,

    “Email”:, “Password”:”e876se8s76f8f6s”, “PaymentMethod”: “paypal”, “bankAccountNumber”: 342342432 ,


    “transactionHistory” = { “transationId” = {

    “date”:”4/13/1999” ,

    “amount”:3.01 ,

    “bankAccount”: 111112222,



    “alreadyClaimed”: false;


  • Data manipulation

  • CRUD


    function create (key,data)

    exist = database[key]; //Check if key already exist

    if exist then

    return “Key already exist”;


    else end

    database [key]= {data};

    function read (key)

    exist = database[key]; //Check if key is valid

    if exist then

    return database [key];


    else end

    return “invalid key”;

    function update (key,data)

    exist = database[key]; //Check if key already exist

    if exist then


    else end

    database [key]= data;

    return “invalid key”;

    function delete (key)

    exist = database[key]; //Check if key already exist

    if exist then

    database [key]= {};


    else end

    return “key does not exist”;